Meet Cards Scoreboards

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Meet Cards Scoreboards. Your new scoring companion.

Ever wanted to play a card game with your friends but couldn’t find a pen and a paper, and got stuck writing scores on the native Notes app ? Cards Scoreboards(Free) can do that for you with ease.

Cards Scoreboards lets you:
– Count scores for several card games such as Chinese Poker, Likha, 14, Tarneeb, 400
– Count scores for any other game, where you can manually set every player’s score each round (add/substract points, add/remove players)
– Undo a move in case you made a mistake, and even Redo
– View previous hands’ scores by clicking on Undo as many times as you want, then Redo until you get back to your current score
– Change gameplay rules the way you want through the Settings page



Main - 4.7 inch Tarneeb - 4.7 inch





Chinese - 4.7 inch

Likha - 4.7 inch







Cards Scoreboards is out now, you can find it by clicking on the button above, and see it in action in the video below!




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